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I believe, through Short / Documentary Films, Students can bring out their hidden Talent and Creativity and showcase it to the large audience in order to bring a change in their society. This Training Programme will not only help Students to Develop their Creative, Social, Cultural, Communication, Leadership and various other skills, it will also help them understand their Society, their Surrounding Environment, National Issues and other problems of the Nation in a Better, Creative and Practical way. This training programme will provide a Golden Opportunity for all the Students to Learn, Encourage, Empower and bring the much needed change in today’s society. Also, it gives them the courage to face many challenges in life and make them believe that they can be the better citizens of tomorrow.


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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bottled Water!

Congratulations to the Students of Class 9, for successfully completing the Documentary Film on the 'Plastic Water Bottle.'

The Documentary Film is now ready for a Preview!

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